I feel so weak now

I guess nobody actually cares about how i feel. T_T
letih dh main mcm ni. hehhhmm. 
sometimes kwn pon mcm annoying (bkn semua). tp kdg2 tu memang terasa hati laa. 
true frnd pls?
i fully feel like im all alone. dont know why.
*sigh. now, feel like going to the other planet, seeking some peace, 
be frnd w th aliens bla bla bla. ha-ha-ha ;)
i don't know where to go to. they're not hearing what im saying.
uggss ! saya tidak penting :/ *but no worries. this is my world. tmpuhinya dgn baik. 
lagu. drama. show. program. all about korea je skrg ni. 
thts th only way i can gain bck my strength. haha sounds silly tp knytaan ye mcm tu.
theres nothing i can do but life must go on rite? haha sokay. 
im fine. im good. im great. im happy now.
i hve my family, frnds behind me.
mls nk fkir sgt mnde ni. tolak jauh jauh masuk longkang. hehe :D



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