2010 is a history :)

dear bloggy,

it is new year now ! selamat datang 2011 ! :)

hoping tht this year wll bcome moreee && more special and happier than years past.
i want this year gives a thousand meanings to me.

last year. gve a lesson each thngs hppened for us to continue our life.
I gained a lot of memories evry day
from gtting out of bed until go to sleep bckk.
even if too many problem came, 
but evry sngle moment gves me a new spirit to live on.

bangun pagi sebagai pelajar yang berumur 16 tahun & kembali ke sekolah


kai azmier said...

happy new year! masih belum terlambt kn tuk ai ckp? hehe

axyummi tyashaaz said...

haha hppy new year too :)


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